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Maybe Pep And Barca Needs One Another To Win Champions League

Pep Guardiolla won 14 trophies with FC Barcelona in that 14 he won two Champions League but since departure from FC Barcelona he never won Champions League. He joined FC Bayern and spent 3 years and never won Champions League.

Its his second season at Manchester City and he failed to reach semi final last season and he can only hope that his players will rise to the occasion and perform miracles. FC Barcelona on the other hand have only managed to win one Champions League since Pep Guardiolla left them. Maybe they need one another to win Champions League. Can Pep Guardiolla return to FC Barcelona? Time will tell.


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  1. I would love to see him returning to FC Barcelona​......Do you think they need one another to win Champions League more special Pep Guardiolla?


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