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Manchester City: Can Pep Guardiola's men own the Premier League once again?

"Sometimes you have a noisy neighbour and have to live with it"- Sir Alex Ferguson. Even the legendary Scot wouldn't have believed what his hated rivals would go on to achieve after their newly found riches.

After all, United was not only the best team in Manchester but also dominated the whole of England under Sir Alex's leadership. The visionary Scot must have been certain that their noisy neighbours, for all their new found wealth couldn't match United- a European giant.

Or was he? Wait- of all the great coaches of the past, Sir Alex must have read the script better! “You’d be better off talking to my baby. She’s only six weeks old but you’d get more sense from her than him” said king Kenny only for "Liverpool to be knocked off the perch" some twenty years down the line. So are we watching history repeat itself?


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  1. All eyes will be on Manchester City this season and should they fail to maintain their impress form of last season....Labels and tantrums will be thrown at them....Question is do you really think they can go all the way and wins the League? If my memory serves me right, No team has ever won back to back Premier League...Correct me if I'm wrong.


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