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Ronaldo Agent Slams CR7's UEFA Player of the Year Snub

Mendes attended in the ceremony, while Ronaldo did not show up, as Luka Modric won the main award.
The Croatian received 313 points, 90 more than Ronaldo, with Mohamed Salah finishing in third place.
Mendes, though, has ridiculed the decision, and insisted his client deserved the award.
"Football is played on the field and that's where Cristiano won," he told Portuguese publication Record.
"He scored 15 goals, carried Real Madrid on his back and conquered the Champions League again.
"It's ridiculous, shameful. The winner is not in doubt as Ronaldo is the best in his position."


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  1. How I wish I could understand the criteria when it comes to these awards....Ronaldo the first player to score in all group stages game....but if how he lost it to Modric makes no sense to me.....Now its clear that to Papa Perez anything is possible.


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