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Oostenberg LFA The League Of Grudges and Hatred

The thought of losing three points without kicking the ball is really hurting me and how it was done leaves me with a lot of question marks. Green Lovers game could've started exactly like other games as we all know that delay has been Oostenberg LFA problem.

I'm also a referee, I could come early to officiate the game but only to find out that teams are not even there, I wait for the teams to be ready until I start the game that goes together with the understanding of how teams and the league operates in this LFA. 

If referees can be strict in this LFA in terms of time  I'm telling you, we won't watch football instead we will have a lot of walkovers and that won't be good at all. Tar Vido(Real Tigers) was supposed to officiate the game between Ajax Cape Town and Green Lovers and he was late. By the time he arrived the damage was already done, Ajax had already hijacked the unknown guy to do their dirty work. 

Not even a single day I saw that guy officiating the game, I just know him as someone that sells computers to me with cheaper and affordable prices besides that he was never granted any permission to officiate that game he was just bribed to do the special job and I must say he passed with flying colours, job well done.

On a positive side though maybe we can learn one or two things in that crazy and selfishness incident. We(referees) must stop this tolerance we have for other teams. If its time to call off the game we must just to do that, whether teams are there or not.



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  1. What I hurt me the most is the fact that I'm also the referee and several times I tolerated teams for being late and wait for them almost an hour to get ready....I thought that's how I should work with other people maybe I was wrong...what I saw yesterday was disgusting.


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