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Referee Mateu Lahoz Really Enjoys Hurting FC Barcelona

Referees are also human beings but when a person makes the same mistake over and over again it becomes suspicious one could think its a habit from the well experienced referee in La liga.  The penalty that he gave Las Palma's last night didn't even exist I don't know what he saw to even think it was a penalty.
Last season FC Barcelona failed to win the league because of the same mistake from the same guy, This is the same guy that couldn't award a Messi goal against Valencia earlier  this season. No wonder why many doesn't like or watch La Liga their referees are a joke more special Mateu Lahoz.


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  1. Referee Mateu really hate FC Barcelona the penalty he gave last night says it all about....La Liga is a crap & Barca deserves better. Last season Barca couldn't win the league bcz of him...


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