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‘Ronaldo Deserves To Earn As Much As Messi’

This massive gap has left the 32-year-old frustrated and he now received a backing from former Real boss Manuel Pellegrini.
"Messi has a natural capacity to play football that nobody can match,” the Hebei China Fortune coach told El Larguero, as quoted by ESPN.
"But Cristiano, with his effort and hard work and huge ambition, deserves praise as a tremendous professional.
"Maybe he does not have the same technical qualities, but this allowed him to match what Messi has done all these years.
"I believe that both deserve to be the best paid players in the world for what they have done."


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  1. Messi the world highest paid player....followed by name......this must be bothering Penaldo and his fanboys hence they said Messi is poor compared to Ronaldo.


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