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Zidane 'Angry' After Real Drop More Points

A frustrated Zidane delayed his media duties after the match, but once he came out, he told members of the media he had a heated talk with his men.
"We were talking among ourselves," Zidane said, as quoted by Movistar.
 "We are all a bit angry with the result, normal. With the first half we played, we must be angry with the second, me first of all.
"But it has happened today, again, and we cannot be happy with the result. The first half was very good, but we did not play the 90 minutes well.
"We lacked the second half, we made many mistakes, lost the ball many times under their pressure, which is not usually a problem for us. I must look for the problem as I am responsible for this.
"Lately, we are not playing 90 minutes consistently. You get confidence by playing the full game well, three or four games in a row, and we do not have that recently." "We will not talk about La Liga every week, we dropped points, and if we drop points, we cannot reach (Barca). We must just win games, keep picking up points, nothing else. We must get consistency in our game."


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  1. The gap is becoming wider & Bigger....Sooner or Later Zidane will be sacked.....Why can't he bench or substitute the underperforming Cristiano Ronaldo​......He is just an ornament in that team.


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