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Ronaldo Winning That Award Doesn't Make Him Better Than Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo won the world best player award last night beat Lionel Messi in it but that doesn't make him a better player than Lionel Messi. The awards doesn't Really reflect on who is the best player in the world instead it's just a criteria that if team won major trophies then someone must win World best player.

Yes Lionel Messi didn't win La Liga and Champions League but again he was the player in 2017 probably better than any player including Cristiano Ronaldo. But again FIFA is FIFA we can't do anything about that.


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  1. I laughed yesterday when I saw the news that Penaldo is a world best player......and I was like really? Do they know football? It appears that they know nothing about Football.....Only Messi and Barca fans that knows and understand meaning of football....


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