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Pochettino: Cristiano Ronaldo is a phenomenon; an example for all

Ronaldo is struggling in front of goal...

"He's a phenomenon. He has been awarded 'The Best' and the truth is that he deserves it. In addition to his qualities as a professional, he is an example. He never tires of repeating that the secret is to work hard, to strive, to take care of himself. Every player should apply it."

Like Harry Kane, no?

"They are very similar in terms of professionalism. They understand that we must strive to achieve success. He has a similar mentality. I do not know Cristiano in depth, but he gives me the same feeling as Harry."


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  1. Ronaldo a Role Model to youngsters......Maybe he is referring to Ronaldo from Brazil not CR7 because Cristiano will never be a Role model.....Even his son supports Lionel Messi.


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