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EPL Is No the Best League In The World

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I don't rate English Premiership League as the best in the world. It is a league that has 3-6 teams competing for the league but at the end of the day you do know that the league is between 3 teams which are Man City, Man United and Chelsea. Other teams such as Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspurs are just there to add numbers. It's a fact that teams in England are playing the same style unlike in Spain where you have the likes of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid dominating that league.
Sphamandla Ntshokotsha

Sphamandla Ntshokotsha

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  1. I don't rate Barclays League as the best in the league.....I just rate it as one of the overrated leagues in the world....Teams like Arsenal, Liverpool & Tottenham are just there to add numbers.....Its only Man City, Man United and Chelsea...


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