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Dear FIFA: Why Do You Hate Africans So Much? Masuleke's Goal Was The Best

Oscarine Masuleke was denied a chance of winning Puskas award last night when they gave it Oliver Giroud. You could sense a tension among Europe coaches and players when they were asked who deserves to win Puskas award. First it was Frank Lampard, he replied and said all the goals are great but Giroud's goal deserves to win .

Antonio Conte and Harry Kane also said the same thing. Only Cristiano Ronaldo that opted for Masuluke's goal, saying he hopes that he wins because its not every time you see a goalkeeper pushing forward and scored a spectacular goal  like that.

As  expected a guy from Europe won on the day not because he deserves it, he only wins it because he is from Europe(France) and he is white man playing for Arsenal. Should it be a goalkeeper from Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Man United or Chelsea for sure we would be singing a different song today saying Europe goalkeepers can score best goals but now African player scored a sublime goal you won't hear anything.

It's a shame a disgrace that your colour can be used to decide whether you are the best or not. FIFA itself is always crying about racism but they are also racist. Maybe it's time to just give their awards to only Europe players who are white in complexion because we as Africans, or Should I say Black People we stand no chance of winning anything.


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  1. Should it be a goalkeeper from Real Madrid, FC Barcelona or Bayern Munich for sure he would win that Puskas award....The problem he is black and he is from Africa so it Whites vs Black and you know the story whites always come on top....FIFA is corrupt too much.


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