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Bucs Fan Emtee A Boy Like Bongani Zungu

Ambitiouz Entertainment‘s Emtee is the trending discourse across various social media channels today.

In fact, a meltdown would best describe the situation across several platforms after screenshots of what is believed to be that of the “Manando“ star’s penis went viral.

Click here to SEE Watch the video of a naked Bongani Zungu above. (Beware Graphic images +18 )

A similar situation to Bongani Zungu. One thing common though between the two guys is that they are both boys not men.


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  1. After Watching both videos of Emtee and Bongani Zungu showing their manhood live on internet.....I can final make my own conclusion about Zulu players in PSL that plays in PSL that they are indeed a copy of Bongani Zungu and Emtee meaning they are boys not Amadoda.


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