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Verratti Snubs FC Barcelona

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Marco Verratti insists he is happy at PSG and that he had already decided to snub Barcelona before Neymar arrived.
Barca wanted to sign Verratti earlier this summer and made their pursuit public.
PSG refused to do business and retaliated with a high-profile pursuit of Neymar that led to the £200m transfer.
Asked about his own transfer saga, Verratti said: "Barcelona? There was something, but that was as far as it went. We didn't have any other negotiations.
“I decided to stay on this path and I'm happy for it.
“Did Neymar change my mind? I did way before. I never knew that Neymar would come here."


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  1. ngomnye womjita ebenolunga kwi Barca in the absence of Neymar....


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