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Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany is refusing to get carried away by the team’s form in pre-season.

The Blues have won three straight matches, posting comfortable wins over Real Madrid, Tottenham and West Ham United, with 10 goals scored along the way.

And it isn’t just the results that have impressed. City have overwhelmed their opponents with some wonderful, free-flowing football that has underlined their attacking potential ahead of the new season.

But Kompany, a player with huge experience built up over a 14-year career, says the squad will not be resting on their laurels.

“We don’t draw too many conclusions out of it,” he said.

“We feel ready because we’ve been at a good level but we have nothing to show for it at the moment.

“Keep doing what we’ve done in the last three games and it should be exciting.”

City’s three wins have seen them operate with three at the back, a system Pep Guardiola tried to use fleetingly last season.

It’s been a huge success in those matches, with the team now looking much more comfortable adopting the Catalan’s ideas.

It allows City an extra man in midfield, which has been key in their ability to dominate opponents during the pre-season period.

Kompany admits it’s worked well in recent weeks, but says players need to be able to flourish in various formations. “Any system suits us,” he said.

“We are mature players, professionals, and we just adapt.

“I’ve been able to play many systems in my career and I don’t want to tie myself down to a system.

“This is a good system because we’ve got the quality in the side to apply any system.”


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  1. Focusing or dwelling much on how MAn City played in their pre season games mighty be their downfall because you can win all the pre season games but when the league starts you see team struggling to win games...I'm glad Company has highlighted that...


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