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Pirates to replace Jonevret before season starts

Sredojevic who resigned from the Uganda national team at the weekend was expected in South Africa on Tuesday evening.
A Phakaaathi source in Uganda confirmed that Sredojevic left that country on Tuesday morning.
“Micho left Uganda this morning. He boarded an Ethiopian Airline flight at 3am coming to South Africa to join Pirates,” said the source.
He added that Micho had told Ugandan journalists with whom he had formed a good working relationship that he was leaving because he had an offer from Pirates.
“We initially thought he was going to Libya or Saudi Arabia, but some guys who were close to him confirmed that he said he was going to Pirates in South Africa,” he added.
A source at Pirates said although he was not sure about Micho becoming the coach, but he knew that Jonevret’s days at the Buccaneers are numbered.
“He could be. I haven’t heard who they want to take over but Jonevret is skating on thin ice and I don’t see him staying until the season opens. There is a lot of dissatisfaction about him in the management and I heard his relationship with his assistants is no longer smooth,” said the source.



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