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@OoStenberg LFA: Lets Not Use Victor Gomez As Our Role Model

Referees are also human beings meaning they are bound to make errors or mistakes just like anybody. Its also normal that management, players and fans will show their frustrations in some referees decisions but that doesn't mean that should continue off the field.

Our LFA have three games already and if you can take a look on Referees performance yes its not that bad there's an improvement to some referees but others are still struggling. e.g. In a match between Green Lovers VS United Comrades linesman judged a player for being offside while it was a throw inn but the referee changed Linesman decision saying it was a wrong throw inn but as a player or management you have to keep quiet because referees and linesman have their rights.

I'm also a referee and I don't mind when the players or management  come to me shouting more special when I know that I'm wrong. In a match between Green Lovers and Wallacedene Hotspurs there were so many decisions that I think in my own perspective or opinion were not suppose to be given but my opinions won't make any difference but I have to voice out what I think is right. If I were to be the referee in that game(Green Lovers vs Wallacedene HotSpurs) I would've  not give that penalty. Reason being? Andile was down already and the ball hit his arm there was nothing he could do to prevent the ball not to hit his arm.

Simon Mkhize

Simon Mkhize

Staff writter

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