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Ndoro On His Target And Why It Wasn’t Achieved

The Zimbabwean struggled in front of goals in the second round of the season, under Bucs’ current coach, Kjell Jonevret. Having scored 11 goals in the first round of the season, the striker finished the second half of the campaign with only one goal to his name, which came through via a penalty against Free State Stars.
I“Muhsin gave me a target of 20 goals. The way I started, I was scoring two and three goals per match and, at the time, I thought I could reach the target. He also said I could surpass the target and I was gaining confidence. But eish, he left me with that target, thinking that I was going to reach it now and I feel like.... (pauses),” said Ndoro.
Ndoro has also explained how his game was affected by the departure of Ertugral from the club.
“Like you know, I’m the type of a striker who stays in the box. I don’t like dropping deep and collecting balls but, in the second round, my game changed from how we started the first round with Muhsin. He always encouraged me to stay in the box and that is why I was scoring. If a coach says you must do this, then you must do what a coach wants you to do. From the first match of the season, I was feeling like, “Ja, this is me and I’m playing football the way I want.” But come second round… coaches have their own way of playing and you can’t force yourself to be who you are not. The coach came and he had his own philosophy in terms of what he wants. You don’t have to argue, you just do what the coach wants. That reduced goalscoring opportunities for me. I was scoring with this type of play, but now this coach wants me to do this and I’m not scoring. You end up being a bad player, if I can put it that way. Coaches have their way of playing,” he said.
Simon Mkhize

Simon Mkhize

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