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Kjell Jonevret believes he can't take full responsibility for Orlando Pirates' woes this season

Jonevret said that the damage was already done when he took over at the club in February.
“I can't take responsibility for everything, I think as a whole the club and the coach have to sit down and see what happened before I came in here,” Jonevret said.
“All the players who left us and the players who are in. The things I have worked with since I arrive was the need to be stable, we can't lose games 6-0 or 6-1 and I think that's in order now.
“But the offensive part of the game hasn’t been good enough although we do create chances in every game, but we have to score them.
“That part is my job to do but at the same time, you have to look a little bit at how the squad looks with the players that we have.
“We have two or three offensive players who have been out since I arrived because of different reasons.”
Simon Mkhize

Simon Mkhize

Staff writter

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