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Gabuza Or Ndoro Who Should Start For Orlando Pirates?

In the previous games we saw Kjell Jonevret using Thamsanqa Gabuza as a target man leaving Tendai Ndoro on the bench. That doesn't sit well to other Orlando Pirates and Tendai fans. Tendai Ndoro had a perfect start of the season scoring 12 goals in the process but he is not the same Tendai Ndoro he used to be last season.

I don't blame Kjell Jonevret for using Thamsanqa Gabuza instead of Tendai Ndoro, defenders are no longer scared of Tendai Ndoro hence his body language doesn't show any hunger. On the other hand Thamsanqa Gabuza is a bulldozer he knows how to hold the ball and gives problem defenders but the problem is that he doesn't score goals instead he misses a lot. If he can work on his finishing then he can be one of the best strikers in PSL, his work rate is above of Tendai Ndoro.

If I were to be Orlando Pirates coach I would probably choose Thamsanqa Gabuza over Tendai Ndoro due some obvious reasons that Tendai Ndoro doesn't stay in front he always go deed to collect the ball and that doesn't work for Orlando Pirates. The team need a striker that can stay with the defenders and wait in the box not what Tendai Ndoro.

Fact is Orlando Pirates need a striker relying in Tendai Ndoro and Thamsanqa Gabuza will take the team to nowhere. Chances of them winning trophies with that striking force of Ndoro and Gabuza are too slim.
Simon Mkhize

Simon Mkhize

Staff writter

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