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Why People Are Jealousy Of FC Barcelona Come Back?

Last week FC Barcelona wrote the history in UEFA Champions league books something that has never happened before coming from a 4-0 down to win 6-1 and progress to the next round. By doing so FC Barcelona booked a place in the quarter final of the tournament becoming the only team to do so.

To some people FC Barcelona heroics didn't sit well more special from Real Madrid fans as they claim that Barcelona needed a favor from the referee to advance. There were two penalties that were given to FC Barcelona but some people are accusing the referee of giving FC Barcelona soft penalties.

Whether the two penalties were suppose to be given or not the game is over and nothing can change, I have seen worse refereeing than that one but nothing was done by UEFA commit. congratulation to FC Barcelona for their job well done and heroics they deserve it.


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  1. Coming from 4-0 down and win by 6-1 takes a lot of character from players....What Barca is so unbelievable...I don't understand why people are so full of anger instead of enjoying the beauty of the game.....To Real Madrid fans swallow your pride and give credit when its due


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