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Who Really Owns Orlando Pirates?

Who really owns Pirates? Many people have been speculating for years,with no definite answer as to who owns Orlando Pirates Football Club. From 1937,this South African soccer giant has changed names from Orlando boys which consisted mainly of mine dwellers, who settled in the Eastern Orlando. Many migrated from rural KZN,Limpopo and Free State to seek better job opportunities in the big city of gold. In 1991,Khoza took over the club's administration duties after there were minor problem that nearly sunk the ship.

This tale boldly reminds me of Steve Jobs who built Apple and McIntosh before being outvoted in a board meeting coup and Apple Computers was in a brink of a shut down before Jobs was recalled a few years later when the new CEO decided to put his tail between his legs and saved Apple to make it into a world-wide multi billion company. What raises questions is ;If Khoza was recalled,when was he part of Pirates and how,if not why did he jump the ship? What made the club to be in turmoil? My mother was a Bhakaneer and my father is a Buccaniya. 

Orlando Pirates Football Club was registered as an NGO which was a community development/empowerment entity. When Khoza took over,like Steve Jobs he took over on cindition that he will be in charge of everything. That is where Khoza registered Orlando Pirates Football Club (PTY)LTD and thus owned rights and financial power. If Khoza bought the team,who did he bought it from and how did it cost? What happened to the money? Khoza performed one of the best coup de tat in SA football. Rendering him The Iron Duke. Follow me @juju-28_resurrection


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  1. Khoza and Kaizer Motaung stole clubs they own now. They are not legitimate owners of these clubs. Only Jomo Sono, Patrice Motsepe, Agoustini, Sokhela and Mokeona are ligitimate owners of their clubs. The rest are crooks!!!


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