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Until Lionel Messi Says Yes The Tie Is Not Over For Barcelona?

Many people looks up to God when things are not working in their favour asking for the help from the man above. To FC Barcelona fans when things are not going well for them they look up to Lionel Messi to turn things around for them. Can the Messiah by the name of Lionel Messi saves FC Barcelona again from going out of the UEFA Champions League in the last 32 stage? Yes he can but it won't be easy no team in the history of UEFA Champions League had overcame 4-0 deficit but today we might witness a nice come back from FC Barcelona.


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  1. Lionel Messi have lot of good memories at Nou Camp destroying teams like Real Madrid, FC Bayern Munichen and Atletico Madrid etc....Can the Messiah by the name of Messi save FC Barcelona today?


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