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Saddam: 10 Years Back Sundowns Used To Be Our Daily Bread

Supporters Club spoke to Saddam Maake, the legendary Amakhosi supporter about the game and he had this to say:
“This is the big one. Remember 10 years back when I used to take a loaf of bread whenever we play Sundowns because they were our daily bread. We used to beat them left and right. They only have two wins against us in cup competitions.
“You know when you take someone to Rica, that person will buy more airtime than you do the next day. That’s what Sundowns are doing now. We borrowed them three points because they were unveiling the star in the first round, it’s payback time now we want our three points. I went to watch them and Pirates and they were all on my case telling me that it’s the battle of the stars so why was I there. They ended up fighting and I asked them why is it 6-1 now? I thought it was going to be 6-6 because you both have a star?’’
‘’Pirates supporters should support us this weekend so that we can defeat Pretoria, otherwise uma bengenzi njalo bengbhayzisa, I will lock the door for them out of the top eight.” 


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  1. No no no, Saddam is totally wrong by what is saying. Chips used to beat Sundowns because they were buying ref not because chips was better than Sundowns. They were corrupted.


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