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Ref Ban: Could Bafana v Senegal Be Replayed?

Lamptey was the referee who gave Bafana Bafana a controversial penalty against the Teranga Lions in a World Cup qualifier back in November, a game that Shakes Mashaba’s side went on to win 2-1. Senegal submitted a formal complaint to FIFA after the game.
World football’s governing body said that Lamptey was banned for match manipulation for his part in that specific game, and that they will provide further information going forward.
Their statement yesterday read, “The official was found guilty of breaching art. 69 par. 1 (unlawfully influencing match results) of the FIFA Disciplinary Code during the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia qualifying match between South Africa and Senegal on 12 November 2016.”
FIFA’s admission that that they feel the game was unlawfully influenced ties in with the following article in their rule book: “Anyone who conspires to influence the result of a match in a manner contrary to sporting ethics shall be sanctioned with a match suspension or a ban on taking part in any football-related activity as well as a fine of at least CHF 15,000. In serious cases, a lifetime ban on taking part in any football related activity shall be imposed.”
Lamptey’s ban for life means that it is indeed a ‘serious case’, although offers more questions than answers with regards to how, why and for whom the game was manipulated.
With that in mind it was the following sentence that was the most ominous. “Further information concerning the South Africa v. Senegal match in question will be provided once the decision becomes final and binding.”
This could suggest that there is further action to be taken, and with precedent in the past of games being replayed due to poor refereeing, Bafana’s victory over Senegal may not stand.
Back in 2005 a World Cup qualifier between Uzbekistan and Bahrain was replayed after a glaring error from the match official, and there will be worries at SAFA House that Bafana will suffer a similar outcome.
There has been no comment from SAFA at this stage.


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  1. Dis FIFA organization have beef with us thiery(France vs Ireland) assisted a goal by hands FIFA never do anything n we never saw any replay


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