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Pique says Barça's haters won't have a good night on Wednesday

Gerard Pique was full of life after helping Barcelona overturn a four goal deficit against Paris Saint-Germain to become the first team to achieve that feat in Champions League history. 
Here's what he said... 

HISTORY: "It’s an historic feat which has never happened before. The [comeback against] Gothenburg wasn’t this big, nor the Iniesta [goal against Chelsea] or Bakero’s in Kaiserlautern. This is the greatest. There is no comparison. There are a lot of people who’ve tried to bury us — coaches like Sacchi and Domenech. One day we will abdicate the thrown, but we’re still there." 
CRITICS: "Those that didn’t want us to get through won’t have a good day today, but the sun will be back up tomorrow."
PARTY: "Hospitals are going to have to hire more midwives during the next nine months because there’s going to be a lot of love tonight. Tonight I am going to party, but tomorrow I will be in for training because it’s time to focus on the league." 
BELIEF: "At 3-1 it was complicated, but then came the miracle. In the 87th minute, the fans could have left. Today, no. They stuck with the team and it was worth the effort. I don’t want to put pressure on by talking about wanting to win a treble now. We’re the only team in this country that has ever been able to do this."
Simon Mkhize

Simon Mkhize

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