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'Neymar Is Better Than Ronaldo & Messi'-Alessandro Costacurta

Former Italy and AC Milan defender Alessandro Costacurta believes the FC Barcelona attacker is currently playing at a level above teammate Messi and Real Madrid forward Ronaldo.
"As for Neymar's personality, I think he's very similar to Ronaldo. He's very active on social media but he doesn't have the same qualities of Ronaldo," he told Sky Italia.
"I think, more or less, they will make the same amount of goals at the end of their careers.
"Neymar is already Ballon d'Or material. Actually, I believe in this moment Neymar is better than Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, he's the best player in the world now, in 2017.
"If we take a look at his performances and we compare them with those of Messi and Ronaldo, I think Neymar is just better at the moment."
Despite Costacurta's sentiments, Messi and Ronaldo have both outscored Neymar across all competitions so far this season.
Simon Mkhize

Simon Mkhize

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  1. I love both Neymar and Messi but With just one good performance against PSG he is above Messi? Neymar will be above Leo when He has retired.


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