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Kosta Papic questions offside and Katlego Mphela indirect free-kick decision

“I’m very disappointed by some of the decisions of the people who officiated this match,” he lamented on SuperSport TV.
“Actually, I’m very sorry for my players they are fighting, they are playing football, they tried everything much as they can but we lost to a good header.
“We have not played anything like rubbish football, we tried and played as much as we can. Maybe SuperSport is too strong for us in this moment but we gave them a nice run for their money.
“But a strange decision make us to be lost this match today. I’m talking about the first goal of SuperSport, we must check that on the TV [for offside].”
Papic was confused as to why the free-kick awarded before Mphela scored was indirect in the first place. Both Eagles and SuperSport players had their studs up before the decision went Eagles’ way.
“How can that free-kick be indirect? I don’t understand that rule of football, because it’s a free-kick,” he added.

“But I’m not complaining to protect my players, it’s not like that. I’m sorry for my players is what I actually want to say. We saw some completely new faces today and they showed fighting spirit and played football. We have so many things to show in the future.”
Simon Mkhize

Simon Mkhize

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  1. Indirect free kick must apply only to fouls comitted by a goalkeeper
    1. Back pass
    2. Holding a ball for more than required time
    3. Catching a ball after releasing it with keeper's hands

    Other fouls comitted by other players must just b direct free kick.

    Its time to simplify the game


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