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Khama Billiat-Robbery Was Like A Move

“Nothing happened to me,” says Billiat.

”They were not robbing me. They were robbing a shop. They just stopped me and told me not to do anything and step aside with others. We stopped, they did what ever they did. I was happy that I was not robbed.”

The Zimbabwean says the scene was reminiscent of an action movie.

“When they started, I was shocked with what they were doing. But they told us to stay there and they were not doing anything to us, but they were here for this [robbery]. They were carrying big AK-47s and covered with balaclavas. It was like watching a movie.”

Meanwhile, Billiat hopes to make his return from injury after the FIFA international break.

“I am back and started running now, but on the side. We are still testing if I can go full out. It looks positive and hopefully I will be back soon when the domestic league starts again.”
Simon Mkhize

Simon Mkhize

Staff writter

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  1. Pitso: "I've seen this movie before".
    Billiat: " It was like watching a movie".
    Sundowns and Movies are like this....


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