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Did You See The Referee Headbutt The Angolan Player?

We've seen players headbutt each other on the field, but never have we seen a referee strike a player in the same manner during a game. Did you see the referee headbutt an Angolan player in their match against South Africa?
Bafana Bafana played out to a goalless draw against Angola in East London on Tuesday evening, but the talking point of the encounter was how the referee handled a certain situation.
Joshua Bondo had raised his hand to indicate an indirect free-kick for South Africa, and that did not seem to go down all too well with an Angolan player, Masuekama Natael, who protested the decision.
Naturally, the referee wasn't having any of it, and he took matters into his own hands – or head – by charging straight for the player's jaw and headbutting him, before letting his arm trail across the No. 14's head too.


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