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Did FC Barcelona Deserve To Win Against PSG?

Many people are not happy that FC Barcelona managed to come from 4-0 down and  win against PSG. Some seems to believe that the referee did FC Barcelona favors. They said the referee gave them easy penalties that's y they managed to go through to the quarter final.

PSG played badly on that day and FC Barcelona deserved to win. Coming back to the referee I don't think its first time we saw referees making mistakes in Champions. Real Madrid won their 11th Champions League by an offside and nothing was done and said. FC Barcelona was knocked out of the UEFA Champions League against Atletico Madrid and there was a penalty inside the box but the referee gave it as a free kick.

Its normal that referees will always make mistakes because they are also human beings lets just accept the outcomes and move on.


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  1. Yes FC Barcelona deserved the win......Just A reminder though Last season Barca were knocked out of the Champions by Atletico Madrid and there was a penalty in that Match instead the referee gave it as a free kick.......Real Madrid on the other hand won their 11th Uefa Champions League scoring an offside goal(Sergio Ramos) vs Atletico Madrid and nothing was said and done.......So Real Madrid Fans and Barca haters take chill Barca and that won change.


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