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Bucs Legend: Some Of These Guys Are There For The Joyride

Orlando Pirates legend, Gavin Lane, has lashed out at the club’s current players for the team’s performances in some of the games this season.

“Well, I didn’t get involved regarding the latest massacre that the guys had against Sundowns. A lot of the guys were getting ruffled on the group, asking if we should go speak to the office, wondering if we as old players can’t go and speak to these youngsters, try help them out. We were wondering why they are playing so bad. Is it the coaching? The squad? Eventually we calmed down and some of the guys explained that there was protocol and we can’t just get involved as ex-players.
“But, you know, for me, to be brutally honest, I think you can’t have a squad of so many players and each guy gets so much money and some guys aren’t playing.
“If I’m a soccer player, all I want to do is play. I think some of these guys are just there for the joyride. And the players must take responsibility. They need to get their backsides whipped. You can’t just get chosen to play and then lose 6-0. The coach can’t lose the game 6-0 for you.You just can’t do that as a Pirates player,” Lane exclusively told Soccer Laduma.


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  1. Spot on Gavin Lane.A Win Has Become a Hard To Get Bcos of Joyride For Orlando Pirates...They just play for funny.


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