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Both Ballack and Veza Should Take Blame For Their Teams Loss In That Kraaifontein City Tournament

Blaming both Veza and Ballack won't come as a surprise to me giving the fact that they are both the captains of Trying and Peace Makers. They were suppose to lead by an example and not allow youngsters to take penalties in a crucial stage of the tournament.

Try Again were playing Against Kraaifontein City in the semi final and they played 1-1 draw but Kraaifontein Football Club won 5-4 on penalties with only George missing the penalty.

you ask yourself how do they let George take the penalty while the likes of Zukile, Veza and Lahm were there? the same happened in the final when Peace Makers did the same mistake that was done by Try Again where senior players seems to be shy or cold to take penalties and they lost the game where Ballack was suppose to take the last penalty. Lack of leadership.
Simon Mkhize

Simon Mkhize

Staff writter

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