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PSL stars and their high performance cars, see who drives what (PHOTOS)

You can't separate success and cars, where there is more money you see great cars, See our fellow  PSL stars what are they driving ando Pirates and B

 f ca rs. Picture credits: Instagram
of cars. Picture credits: Instagram

Simon Mkhize

Simon Mkhize

Staff writter


  1. Wow Katsande is driving one of the best cars in the world Kaizer Chiefs must be good when it comes to pay players.

  2. And they die as paupers. Nothing wrong with flashy cars as long as you invest some of your money wisely.

  3. I think players must also have advisers on how to use money wisely.....Not so long ago Teko Modise said earning R450.000 per month is not enough meaning it can't satisfy your needs and wants if you retire.


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