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Footballers Who’ve Crashed Their Expensive Cars

Karim Benzema
The Real Madrid striker was involved in a crash when he was driving his Lamborghini Gallardo, a car that is usually worth R2.1 Million. It was reported that Benzema was drag racing with an owner of a Porsche 911 – not really setting a good example for a professional footballer.
Cristiano Ronaldo
The Portuguese forward had fans’ hearts pumping when he crashed his Ferrari 599 GTB in a Manchester tunnel in 2007. It was reported that police arrived on the scene not long after the accident, only to find Ronaldo crying next to the car.
Mario Balotelli
The struggling Liverpool forward crashed his Audi R8 just weeks after signing for his former club, Manchester City. After police arrived, they discovered that Balotelli had R93 000 in his pocket. His apparent reply when they asked him why he was carrying that amount: “Because I’m rich.”
Nicklas Bendtner
The former Arsenal forward was lucky to be alive after his accident in 2009, when he wrapped his Aston Martin around a tree in London’s streets!
Wayne Rooney
The England and Manchester United forward has crashed a few of his supercars in his career, including his Aston Martin, Range Rover and Escalade. Despite these expensive crashes, Rooney has never injured himself in the process – perhaps he’s been riding his luck.


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