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With that Management Orlando Pirates will suffer more?

Management needs the right people. You had great Big Bear Ngubane as an administrator not dictator or backstabbing person. He supported you. Is Screamer Chabalala and Floyd Mbhele supporting Orlando Pirates coaches or working them out using the players they recruited?

The lounge lashing of Rodger De Sar at Orlando by Floyd Mbele and Screamer Chabalala made me hate Orlando Pirates management. Orlando Pirates is failing because of them. They dictate what they want not what players are judged based on their performance during training sessions. No coach will last at Orlando Pirates under this management.

The team is still going to suffer more. Stubborn people don't run football but only smarter and intelligent people succeed because they learn from their mistakes and do the right things. I respect Patrice Motsepe. He listened and now sign good players to replace those who left and not signing 32 per season as he used to. Now Orlando Pirates sign ad fire players within hours then sign them again. This is pathetic.


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  1. All in all hire Benni as head coach assisted by Mhlongo General Manager Lekgwathi....Sangweni athole a position nyana


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