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@Oostenberg LFA: Satuday Fixture: Chelsea vs Green Lovers and Try Again vs Shaddy Chiefs

What a weekend is gonna be in terms of football in Oostenberg LFA as we will witness the clash between the teams in Wallacedene. Here is the full fixture for Saturday.

Time                                                   Home Team                                Away Team
14: 00: 00                                           Eastern Leopards          vs               Nine Stars

14:00:00                                             Shaddy Chiefs              vs               Try Again

14:00:00                                             CS Abahlobo                 vs               Fisante Stars

16:00:00                                              Reggae Guys                 vs               Kraaifontein

16:00:00                                              Chelsea                          vs              Green Lovers


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  1. Its not a secret that we need Green Lovers to beat Chelsea so that the gap can be closed to one point


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