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@Ooostenberg LFA: Premier results for Saturday

first Division games were not scheduled to play on Saturday which means there were only Premier League fixtures on Saturday that included both Chelsea FC, Try Again and Green Lovers. Both Chelsea and Try Again managed to win their games except Green Lovers who 1-1 draw against Killers.

Saturday Results
1. Kraaifontein FC vs Try Again
Try again won 3-0

2. Green Lovers vs Killers
Played 1-1 draw

3.Ajax vs Fisante Kraal
Ajax won 3-2

4. CSA vs 9 Stars
CSA won 2-0(Walk over)

5. Chelsea vs Eastern Leopards
 Chelsea won 4-3.
The battle between Try Again and Chelsea is still continuing on top of the table.


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  1. Just in case you missed out on Saturdy games here are the results to fill you in........


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