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Felipe Ovono Will Get Another Chance Again?

“I think the goalkeeper situation is complicated. (Brighton) Mhlongo is doing well and I even thought he was the man of the match against Chiefs (in the Black Label Cup), because he made some good saves. I think Mhlongo should start, I think he was doing well.”“(Felipe) Ovono isn’t doing so well and I don’t think he’ll get a chance,” he continued. “Remember, he messed up in his first game and he’ll never get a chance again, because if you play and you get your chance, you won’t get it again.”


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  1. The young man only needs someone to motivate him. With him i believe language is a problem. He needs someone who can speak French or Portugues as these are the communicative languages in his country. Maybe Rowan should take more time with him as they both can speak the languages


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