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Chelsea or Try Again who will go to playoffs?

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This coming weekend the league will be decided but the league is Chelsea's to lose. They have been consistence since the beginning of the season until now. On the other hand Try Again is also playing a good brand of football and they are also consistence in terms of their results. Both Try Again and Chelsea have only lost one game each.

Try Again lost to Green Lovers and Chelsea to Try Again. If  Chelsea want to win the league they must just win all their three remaining games while Try Again will need Chelsea to lose or draw one game hoping that they beat them when they meet each other on the weekend.

Its tough for Chelsea yes but its more tougher for Try Again because even if they can beat Chelsea it won't make any difference if Chelsea manage to beat Killers and Shaddy Chiefs. Prayers are needed for Try Again otherwise the league its Chelsea's to lose that's a fact.


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