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@OOstenberg LFA: Yandisa Ndongeni how I wish Oostenberg LFA players respect and love football the way do.

Football is not just about goal tallies and revenue figures but also inspiration and style! Sports and games offer useful lessons for entrepreneurs about the importance of teamwork, preparation, passion, attitude, definitions of success, dealing with failure and having a sense of humour at the end of the day.

I have watched Yandisa Ndongeni since my arrival in Kraaifontein in 2009 and he never disappoints, he leads the team with good example and you can tell that he loves and enjoys what he is doing. Keep it up the good work my brother you mighty be not my teammate but I learn so many things from you on and off the field. 

I wish there were so many players in our LFA that love and respect football the way do I mean I could be lying if I can say you came to the stadium under the influence of alcohol. You always show maturity in everything that you are doing and you mighty not know that you inspired many people to love and respect football and I'm one of them. 

Green Lovers is blessed to have someone like you I mean youngsters like Prince, Ntshontsho and Farit can learn a lot from your good leadership skills.


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