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@Oostenberg LFA: Who will win the Premier League? Chelsea, Try Again or Other?

Its not a secret to say the premier League for this season its a two horse race between Chelsea FC and Try Again. Yes Green Lovers is trying their best in number 3 but if you can't beat the teams on top you can't win the league so I don't see any other team that can win the league except Try Again or Chelsea.
I  know football is a cruel game meaning anything is possible but again I'm willing to bet with my last R500.00 to Green Lovers coach that they won't win the league its over for them. Try Again or Chelsea FC will win the league.

Chelsea played 14 games so far, won 13 games and lose only one against the mighty Try again. while Try Again played 14 draw 2 against Fisante and Killers they don't have the lose. In the third position its Green Lovers they played 14 games lost 2 and drew 2 as well. So its clear that Try Again and Chelsea are favourites to win the league but only one team must win it.


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