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@Oostenberg LFA: Watchout three youngsters from Green Lovers Prince, Taiboos and Farit.

Whoever that is bring youngsters to Green Lovers is doing a good job. If you never watched Prince, Farit and Taiboos playing you are missing something sensational. Credit must be given to the technical team of Green Lovers together with the coach I mean it takes a good coach to give youngsters a game time against big teams like Fisante, Shaddy and Try Again.

What I like about them is that they grabbed the chance with both hands they never disappoint. Once a coach gives you a freedom to express yourself in a way that will benefit the team then results will always be good, that's what is happening in Green Lovers Young Stars.

The coach trusted them when they didn't believe that they can compete against old players but look now they are scoring lot of goals and they are playing a good brand of football.

They have the potential to make it in bigger league only if they can have someone that will guide them and teach them about how to behave in life if you want to succeed and be respect but again I believe they are in good hands if they work with Tar Brix.


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