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@Oostenberg LFA: Team Spirit the only Medicine to prosper in football

Chelsea FC have revived Kraaifontein football with their hard working on and off the field, They work hard on the training and transfer that hardworking on the field of play. They mighty have lost against Try Again but their form and team spirit is out of this world and I think that team spirit will win them the league.

They are doing whatever it takes to make every player feels at home, welcomed or feels as if everyone is a star meaning if you don't attend the games team will suffer because of your absenteeism. Football is a team work and its a must to work as a team with one goal in mind to win the game. When you see Chelsea players jumping up and down during the warm up, You mighty think they are crazy but no they are doing something good something that can make everyone tick and that ticking will make the team the best.

I love and enjoy what they are doing because its a good thing to do and other teams can learn one or two things from Chelsea this season that hardworking and team spirit is the key to anything as long you respect and love your colleagues.

Keep it up the good the good work guys and remember behind any success there's failure and failing doesn't change the fact that you are the best instead it gives the opportunity to start over or the opportunity to begin where you can rectify your mistakes.


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