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@Oostenberg LFA: Tar Brix among top 10 players that broke their teammates leg in a match.

Tar Brix used to play for Green Lovers and now he is the coach of Green Lovers but there are some strange things that you would love to know during his days as a player. There are so many incidents that happened in Oostenberg LFA players breaking teammates's leg. I know it sounds a little bit confusing but its true. Here is the top 10 of players that broke their teammates.

1. Tar Brix breaking Vuyo's leg in the field
2. Peace Makers player destroyed and broke Cat's leg at the training
3. Tar Matyelwane Broke his own goalkeeper's leg..
4. Madiba was playing for the team known as Abazalwane he broke his own leg at the gym and Tar wire can be the witness of that...
5. Tar Chukwu was playing for hunting Stars and he broke his teammate leg by his hands and the name of the player was Nkosinathi Mankayi.
6. Bongi a former Try Again player breaking Vuyani's leg at the training.
7. Marina also broke Mapuzu's player(Ajax now) then when he tries to make his leg straight the more the damage was done.


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