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@Oostenberg LFA: Only three foreigners allowed to play destroys our football.

Chelsea players are saying Oostenberg LFA is destroying our football for their decision that they made based on the number of foreigners that must participate in each team. The rule says there must be only three foreigners that must participate in our League and that didn't sit well to Chelsea coach and his players as we all know that chelsea is dominated by foreigners. My opinion on the decision.

Oostenberg LFA is 100% correct for their decision why? This is South Africa and any foreigner can't come to South Africa and develop the team that is being dominated by foreigners. We do watch televisions and we know the rules that PSL is using based on the number of foreigners that must play in South Africa. I feel the pain that Chelsea players are feeling right now as they are fighting for the League but its a rule and everyone must follow the rules I mean football without rules is nothing.

Chelsea have got plenty players that can play a good brand of football and wins the league, Yes foreigners play a huge part in Chelsea fc over past the past few years but again they can still do better with or without their key foreigners.

I'm sure that Chelsea are not only playing to win leagues here in Kraaifontein they also want to see themselves playing in Vodacom and Castle League but again they can't do that with the number of foreigners that they have in their squad.


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