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@Oostenberg LFA: Not a good weekend for Shaddy Chiefs and this guy

The goalkeeper of Shaddy Chiefs the former Don't Talk Goalkeeper didn't have a good game against Green Lovers. They lost the game 4-1 thanks to a goal from Sakhie, penalty from Pizza and a brace from a youngster. Shaddy Chiefs didn't look convincing at all and they made lot errors that costed them the game. The first goal was the soft one the ball was hit straight to the keeper instead of handling the very well he saved it back to the striker and then they were punished.

Yes the second was not soft at all Msora played a champagne pass to Sakie and Sakie was unselfish plays a beautiful pass straight to Youngster to score an easy tap-inn to make it 2-0. Goalkeeper was at it again when he couldn't manage to save an easy ball that went straight between his legs and Majali was quick to react on that goalkeeper error and the Keeper had no choice but to foul Majali.

The game ended 4-1 in favour of Green Lovers leaving Shaddy Chiefs with nothing to say.


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