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@Oostenberg LFA: Green Lovers history since 1987

History about Green Lovers 

Green Lovers was formed in 1987 by the Guys who stayed at Klapmuts at that time, Ta S, Gxarha and others they moved to Kraaifontein and when they get there, They formed Green Lovers with other guys that they were working with at (Enkomponi) then other guys joined the team as time goes.

Then as time goes by some good and quality young players arrived and they changed the image of the team. They started to play attracting football, competing with teams like Young Stars, Crimmax, Everite and their biggest arch rivals was united Comrades.

They used to have players like Marks(Ray's brother), Tso, Makhanya, Mashumi, Manoja and Honda etc. These are the players that made Green Lovers a very good and winning team. At that time the main focus was to win all tournaments and buys a sheep and have a Braai at the end of the year there was nothing like Leagues and Coca Cola Tournaments. They used to have three to five Braaies a year and those people used to love and believed to Inkunzi(Muti) even though they were good players but they believed in it(Muti).

As time goes changes happened in Green Lovers Many players arrived to the team then the game changed focus and vision. They started to join the league and attracted more young players because they were playing a good brand of football. The team started to have a structure, Coach and they introduced new systems and style of play ....In the name of Brix Mxhosa who was also a player coach, They won a couple of tournaments in Wallacedene and out side  Wallacedene.

They won the league more than any team in Wallacedene and played in Castle play offs three times but they failed to go through or to get Castle status. Even Easter tournaments the biggest tournament in Kraaifontein they won it many times and more than any team in Wallacedene. 

The best team that is hard to forget is the team of 2009 that was so brilliant, fit and they played attracting and entertaining football and they were being led by Dez and Zombo. They had players like Dawa, Dumi, Dez, Ray, Nqaba, Benny, Thembani, Sakhe, Ayanda, Sthole and they were known by their 3-5-2 formation.

They kept on introducing youngsters like now, Prince, Oupa, Farit and Taiboos etc and the vision is to make them future stars. In past two years I would say they dropped their standard a bit but they are still one of the teams in Kraaifontein.

Green Lovers current squad..........  
Manager: Tapelo 
Coach: Mxhosa Brix
Secreatary: Msora
Players: Ntofo(Captain), Msora, Pitsa, Aija, Soja, Roger, Majali, Tower, Themba, Athi, Ayanda, Prince, Taaibos, Oupa, Sakhe, Nqaba, Neymar, Thando and Nquzana.

Note: Green Lovers are the defending champions of Easter Tournament and they are number 3 on the log in 2016 season.


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