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@Oostenberg LFA: Don't Talk FC can only fight for Number 2 not Number one.

They say Football is a cruel game but this time around I'm hundred percent sure that United Comrades FC will be crowned the 2015/16 season  champions with ten points gap between them and number two. Don't talk can only fight for position two not Number one. United Comrades FC have already done their business this season.

I have heard Don't Talk FC coach saying they will win all of their games and I must say there's a possibility for them to win all of their games but they can't reach United comrades only thing they can do is to fight for the second position and they can only hope teams like Strikers and Peace Makers are not winning their games.

What I like about first division league is that even if you are number two or three once you lose one game that lose put you in number 8 or number 9, that's how tight and interesting the league is this season.


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