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@Oostenberg LFA: The derby between Green Lovers vs Try Again has lost its park and pride.

Gone are the days where a game between Green Lovers and Try Again used to attract more people in Kraaifontein, Old fathers used to leave their problems at home to come and watch the entertaining game of football between the two giants of Wallacedene(Oostenberg LFA). 

You could tell that derby means a lot even to the players of the two teams as you know that in a big game like that one players doesn't need motivation because playing in a derby its a motivation itself.

You were guaranteed more than one goal back then but now we only witness one goal or two and the game is not entertaining at all. Its like they are playing just for funny not for the team jersey and pride. If a player can come to the field under the influence of alcohol while its a derby day then the derby will be forever boring. 

When you love something with all of your heart, there are certain things that you don't do more special when you know that there will be lot of people watching you playing but kraaifontein players doesn't appreciate the support and love that they get from the fans  Kraaifontein fans.



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