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@Oostenberg LFA: Congratulations are in order for United Comrades FC, Welcome to premier League

There's nothing that makes me happy to see Youngsters destroying teams left, right and center. Yes they mighty not have experience but where can they buy experience? nowhere but they can only get it on the field of play. Congrats to the whole United Comrades FC team for being so consistence about their work rate.

 If you can't be consistence in football you can't win the league, at least win five to six games in a row then you are guaranteed nothing but success and that's what made United Comrades FC so special this season. Credit must be given to Zola Koular who believes in youngsters when the so called big name players were nowhere to be found.

The news of your achievement has come as a great delight to all of us here. All your hard work, commitment and practice has paid off.I was a hundred percent sure that you'd be the winner! So proud of your accomplishment! If there is one amazing thing that has happened this year, it's your victory. You are the best!

Well Done Tar Koular and your boys you are the best, Question is who will finish second and joins United Comrades FC in Premier League?


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